Are you sure you have complete control?

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The bigger an organization, the harder it is to keep control over the use of centralized and decentralized available hard- and software. New employees need access to certain resources and applications, whilst leaving employees need their access to be denied.

To relieve the ICT Department you want to delegate some of the routine tasks revolving around authorization and allocation of hard- and software and put the responsibilities in line. At the same time, you want to keep an overview from one central place of the decisions made, even if just for the license policy.


Provisior is a web-based self-service portal which can be used by employees and their manager to request, approve and provision IT-related assets themselves without any interference of the IT-department.

What can Provisior automate?
  • User Account Management (including the creating, blocking and removing of user accounts and mail boxes)
  • Services and catalogue with configurable workflow system.
    Request, approve and provision:
    – Software (Enterprise Appstore) and hardware
    – Access to network drives and SharePoint portals
    – Other self-service requests: User account management, create/block/delete users
  • Safe password resetting.
  • The assignment and removal of security assets (applications, access to network folders, membership of network groups, roles) and other resources.
        Self service Appstore

      With Provisior ICT users organize their software, workplace related equipment and access to data themselves without interference of the ICT department. This is very simple, compare it to the Appstore of Apple; with a few clicks the correct ICT resources are available, without the bureaucracy of filling out and signing forms. However, this still happens in a safe and controlled manner. image

        Cost awareness

      The costs of services become visible at the correct levels. This enlarges the cost awareness of for example department managers who are responsible for their own budget.

      Identity & Access Management

      The automatic handling of service requests enables a strict application of the authorization policy. This means there will be no human mistakes or security risks. Furthermore, the guidelines for compliance are fulfilled because the organization has optimal control over the access to applications (with active monitoring of licenses), resources and information.

        Self service

      With Provisior ICT users can very simply control software, workstation-related equipment and access to data. This happens without interference of the ICT department.

      This part of the ICT control is transferred to the end user.