Storage Field Day 2 / Day Two #SFD2

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08:00-10:00 NexGen

The first presenter of today is NexGen. NexGen Storage offers the first solid-state storage system designed from the ground up to manage performance just like capacity.
NexGen was founded in Q1 2010, out of Stealth Q4 2011, yesterday 8 Nov 2012 NexGen announced the ioControl 2.1 Operating Environment.

ioControl 2.1 OS offers new performance automation capabilities for Software-Defined Datacenters. NexGen’s ioControl 2.1 offers the industry-first ability to provision and guarantee VMware datastore storage performance.

NexGen offers iSCSI, Active-Active, Hybrid Storage. Using Fusion-IO for solid state. PCIe to eliminate bottlenecks. 7.2K RPM SAS to reduce $/GB.
The keyword is Storage Quality of Service. Storage QoS is the ability to set guaranteed minimum levels of performance.

Performance is unmanageable in a hybrid without Storage QoS, Non critical apps will consume expensive resources, critical app data gets pushed out of high performance media during non-critical spike. Storage Performance changes every time blocks move.

Managing Shared Storage Performance with NexGen:

10:30-12:30 Nutanix

Nutanix enables you to virtualize your datacenter without requiring a SAN. Combining compute and storage together. Every vendor is talking about Software Defined Storage. What is the best way …

The Hyper-Convergence hype is having an thunderous start. The promise is that this will fundamentally alter the complexity of the infrastructures. Nutanix found a way to independently scale-out on compute and storage levels and save costs.

Nutanix offers 5x Smaller Form Factor, Replaces 10U equipment with a single 2U.

Hyper-Convergence Architecture


Disaster Recovery
Nutanix now offers Disaster Recovery, Replicates to a remote cluster. Does not need 3th party tools for VM management, build in run book automation. Transfers only the needed VM data diffs (changed block tracking?) and it’s distributed, all cluster nodes participate in replication. Works also with VMware SRM.

Nutanix uses compression transparent to the guest VM. Nutanix supports both sync and async compression. sync is something that all the vendors do, async means don’t compress when writing  to the disk…. but compress it later when it’s cold and/or when cluster load is low. Delivers all the savings without the overhead. Multiple compression algorithms are supported.

Nutanix announced they are now supporting KVM (not just VMware anymore) and off course KVM is free

Project "Infinity" announced
Nutanix proving that they are able to run a 200-node (or more) Nutanix cluster that is continuously operational in their factory. It will be publicly available to play around with.

Demo: Build a Software Defined Datacenter in 15 minutes

13:30-15:30 Riverbed (not recorded)

The Whitewater Cloud Backup is a D2D2C (to Cloud) to replace the D2D2T (to Tape) type of backup solution. The Whitewater Disk bridge works with four private clouds including Openstack  and several public clouds. The different models:9-11-2012 14-07-10

16:00-18:00 Virsto

Virsto offers Storage Hypervisor Software for vSphere or Hyper-V. (aka Software Defined Storage). The traditional way storage hardware was build is not the way we want that for Virtual Machines.

Performance, utilization, and operational efficiency – top 3 concerns with storage in virtualization.

Virsto’s VP & Tech Guru Brian Martin gives a very good preso: It’s all about the VM & the VMDK as a manageable unit. A LUN is a very awkward unit to work with. Virsto is designed from the ground up for flash. VM-Aware Flash.