Storage Field Day 3 #SFD3 Day 2

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Presenter 1: NexGen Storage

Yesterday Fusion-IO acquired NextGen Storage. Both CEOs are here talking to us right now!

Presenter 2: Starboard Storage

Starboard Storage has 3PB under management. Handling 4,000 AD users at a single site
25% of customers use FC, 70% use NAS, 90% use block.

Starboard announced today version 3.2 of the Starboard OS along with new Starboard AC2000, AC4000 and AC4500 hybrid storage systems. The new AC Series systems include CacheControl, which delivers up to eight times better SSD read cache efficiency than traditional storage using flash as a cache. The software includes plug-and-play SSD performance scaling, multiple write cache accelerators, inline cache compression, dynamic storage pooling and a suite of all-inclusive enterprise features.

The new flagship AC4500 can have up to four write caches, 12.8 TB of effective read cache (with 2:1 compression) and scale up to more than a half a Petabyte of storage. Starboard eliminates the management complexity of RAID groups, and customers can manage Fibre Channel, iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS workloads with one storage platform.

Presenter 3: PernixData

PernixData has a beta product called Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP). FVP is storage to aggregate server-side flash into a scale out data acceleration tier to provide dramatic storage performance to unmodified applications over existing storage devices. 1. non-intrusive data acceleration.

  1. It’s biggest advantage: It’s not running in a VM. it’s running native inside the hypervisor. no changes are required for the VM or your storage.
  2. Transparent remote data access on VM migration. The FVP layer is VMware cluster wide, write data replication zero, one or two hosts. low latency is required.

PernixData FVP v1.0 to be released this summer

Flash Format innovations

  • prevents write amplication, overwrites
  • extremely low metadata overhead
  • per-vm data stuctures and capacity mgmt
  • handles mis-aligned writes
  • extremely low transactional overhead compared to flash in primary storage

Presenter 4: SanDisk FlashSoft

Flashsoft is a software caching solution not tied to any particular hardware.