NexentaStor 4.0 Community Edition Now Available!

This latest version of NexentaStor delivers significant performance, reliability and functionality improvements to NexentaStor. Having passed through rigorous engineering, customer and partner testing with flying colors. NexentaStor will continue to be available in two editions: Community Edition (free, full-featured, community supported software for configurations up to 18TB), and Enterprise Edition (licensed by the size of …

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Nexenta 3.1.4 and beta Nexenta NFS VAAI Plugin released

Along with the release of NexentaStor 3.1.4, Nexenta Systems today officially released the NFS VAAI beta plugin for VMware vSphere 5.x via the community forums. VAAI-NAS is still not widely supported in the NAS world, and of those that do, not all support all the primitives.  You can search the VMware Compatibility Guide for vendors that …

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Building my Nexenta VM using (NFS) best practices

I am currently using Nexentastor for my home lab. In my previous post I’ve explained how I build my low power 64Gb home lab. I’ve installed Nexentastor Community Edition on my virtual machine with the following specs: 2vCPU 8GB RAM 16Gb system disk on local SSD use VMXNET3 network adapter for better performance. I attached …

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NexentaStor Community Edition Released

I was waiting for the 3.1.4 version to be released, but instead Nexenta released the version. So, What’s new in this release: Romley Motherboard support VMXNET3 driver (Wait… 10G Networking support for Virtual Storage Appliance, NICE) General Stability (See the list of bug fixes.) Note for VMware Appliance users. It’s important that you read …

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In the test: Nexenta CE with VMware I/O Analyzer

Wondering what the performance is of my home build Nexenta CE box connected to one ESX host over Fiber Channel. I started testing with three I/O Analyzer VM’s distributed over 3 LUN’s connected with FC. (using Fiber Channel target with Nexenta CE is not supported)

512bytes Read Throughput Benchmark Results:

100% Read: 378MB/sec

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Building superfast whitebox storage with Nexenta CE

I spent some time this weekend upgrading my home lab. I needed to improve my shared storage and hoped that I could reuse old h/w instead of buying something new and expensive. I’ve been using an QNAP TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS for the last couple of year. It’s iSCSI performance is acceptable for 1-5 VM’s but when I needed to build a complete View environment or vCloud Director lab I usually reverted to local storage which rather defeated the purpose.

I started to look around for storage solutions that could give me loads of IOps with 4+ SATA disks and three SSD’s with options like auto-tiering and VAAI to get the IOps I wanted and 2Tb+ of usable storage. In my professional work I work daily with these kind of enterprise storage boxes and nowadays it is all about software. Would it be possible to build something like that myself?

I’ve send some tweets around to storage people all around the globe and everybody answered “try #Nexenta It has Cache and VAAI”. Now this gets interesting!

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