SRM 4.0 is here!

October 5 is the day that you can now use the new version of SRM to protect vSphere hosts as well as the 3.0.3 and 3.5 that it protects today. In particular, I love using the vSphere Linked Mode support with SRM as it is a little easier to use one client for both the protected and recovery sides instead of the two clients we require now. This article is not about the new features however, but about how to upgrade.┬áBut some things to touch on first. It is actually 4.0 since our marketing people decided it would be easier for customers to see SRM and vSphere version numbers to be in sync. This also means in the future you will not have to wait long for SRM to work with the next major releases of vSphere like you did this time. It has something else for you to be aware of, in that SRM 4.0 requires you to use vSphere Virtual Center 4.0. You can still protect VM’s hosted on 3.0.3, 3.5 and now 4.0 but you must use VC 4.0 and not VC 2.5. From now on SRM will require the current version of VC to work with. As well, SRM 1.0 licenses are not compatible with SRM 4.0. We do not use Flex LM with SRM any longer so you will need to log into the Customer license portal to download your new SRM licenses.

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