Technical Deep Dive on Tintri Architecture

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Tintri, Inc., developer of a purpose-built storage system for virtual machines named VMstore, a product specifically designed from the ground up to solve the unique storage problems of virtual machines (VMs).

The VMstore Storage System knows VMware file types so it can really dig deeper into what’s really going on with storage at the VM level. The management software breaks the VM guest down to VMDK and even VM Swap files, giving you granular monitoring and control. The system is purpose build for Virtualized Environments. The product support NFS only.

Performance: You can pin or give more performance to a single VM guest data file.

Latency: I was very impressed with their per VM latency statistics. If you look at the screenshot you will see the different colors and each of those represent a specific type of latency.

Tintri is optimized with SSD to reduce latency for reads as well as writes making the none flash drives run as if they were.

Tintri is also a design partner for VMware vVols

Watch the Video below or use this link for full screen vimeo

Take a look at some screenshots and overview video at tintri’s website