THANKS! vClouds voted number #38 of the best blogs in the industry

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top-blogger-38The top bloggers 2013 voting results are out again! My blog moved up from 149th to 38th place!
Amazing! I must say I’m quite happy with the result and this really pushes me to write more original content and do less reviews. The time it takes to really write good content amazes me every time. Especially when you have kids, busy day job, lots of friends… it seems almost impossible to get good blogs up here. Thanks everyone who votes on vClouds!

A big thank you goes out to Eric Siebert for organizing this competition again. I know this must cost you more time and effort than I can imagine… thanks Eric!

Some Stats

There are now over 240 blogs dedicated to VMware and Virtualization. There were over 80! NEW blogs on the ballot this year and 4 new blogs to make the top 25 (Congrats to Cormac Hogan on achieving 9th place as a new blogger!).

This year there was over 1300 votes compared to around 1200 last year.

A special congratulations  for the Dutch Duo Duncan & Frank. Frank moves up 3 places to seconds place. And Duncan is still king of the jungle (his 6th time!)

The Top 25 Results

In the vChat video below Eric Siebert, David Davis, Simon Seagrave  and John Troyer introduced the World Top 25 Virtualization blogs for 2013.