Tintri added 2 New All Flash Arrays to their Portfolio

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I just had a great chat with Tintri Sr. Director of Products Chuck Dubuque about a new newest addition in the VMstor family of arrays. Tintri just announced 2 new All Flash Arrays. Hooray. Awesome news!

Great to see a brand new array in this space that is doing real per VM QOS next to Solidfire that can also do something similar.

Tintri also released a brand new version of their Tintri OS 4.0 and Tintri Global Center 2.1.
Enhancements in this new 4.0 software release are mainly additions to support the new T5000 array, a few new Hyper-V enhancements and support for SMB3 encryption.

Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series

The new Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series includes two models:

  • VMstore T5060 can store up to 36TB all flash, 2.500 VMs in a 2U form factor.
  • VMstore T5080 can store up to 73TB all flash, 5.000 VMs in a 2U form factor.


    The new T5000 series is designed for very large database farms, analytics workloads and large persistent virtual desktops, which demand predictable, high throughput and sub-millisecond latency across their entire multi-terabyte capacity.


The existing T800 Hybrid-Flash series will continue to support enterprises seeking the optimum balance of all flash performance and value with the same VM-aware capabilities as the T5000. With 99 percent of storage IO from flash, the T800 series is the ideal platform for most server virtualization, VDI, private cloud and test and development use cases.

The T5000 and T800 are the only solutions in the industry to provide real time, VM-level analytics. Customers can identify and act on changes in VM performance and capacity use across their entire infrastructure and across multiple hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Tintri Global Center 2.1

A brand new version of Tintri Global Center extends ease of management and analytics capabilities to mixed Tintri VMstore All-Flash and Hybrid-Flash environments by identifying “flash-hungry” VMs and enables administrators to move the workloads to a Tintri All-Flash system. It is capable of not only dynamically assigning service group policies for data protection and quality of service but also seamlessly transferring and retaining the same service group settings when a VM is moved to another VMstore.

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