TintriOS 3.2 update introduces per VM level QOS

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Yesterday I had a great chat with Tintri Sr. Director of Products Chuck Dubuque about their newest TintriOS update. My first post about Tintri is exactly from 2 years back. Tintri was the first to have VM-aware storage where VMware is currently doing a similar thing with VVols and other vendors are following their footsteps.

New capabilities include:

  • Tintri OS 3.2. Administrators can now allocate exact maximum and minimum IOPS to each individual VM. This granular capability is paired with powerful visualization in the UI to enable administrators to see the impact of these changes on VM-level latency. The visualization spans the entire infrastructure—including latency stemming from host, network, storage contention, and throttle from QoS policies.
  • Tintri SyncVM. This new software option based on patent-pending technology allows the user to move back and forth between snapshots of an individual VM without losing other snapshots or performance history. Administrators can also use this capability to update hundreds of ‘child’ VMs from a refreshed ‘master’ VM without physically moving data, reconfiguring the VM or the storage. They can even automate the process with Tintri PowerShell or REST APIs.
  • Tintri Global Center 2.0. Enterprises and service providers can now monitor and manage more than 100,000 VMs from a single pane of glass. They can manage dynamic collections of VMs based on group definitions and policies. Groups can span VMstores, hypervisor types and geographies.

image For every VM or groups of VMs, toggle the minimum and maximum IOPS to desired levels. It’s as simple as dragging the setting up and down. Then see the immediate impact on latency

Tintri OS 3.2 will be available in May to all Tintri VMstore owners with a valid Tintri support contract.
Tintri SyncVM will be available for purchase in May as separately licensed software for Tintri VMstore.
Tintri Global Center 2.0 will be available in May for all current Tintri Global Center owners with a valid support contract, and as separately licensed software for all Tintri VMstore owners.

For more information about Tintri’s latest products and capabilities, please visit the Tintri website.