VCAP5-DCA BETA exam details

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Last week I was invited to participate in the beta VDCA511 exam at no cost! thanks for that Randy!

The exam consists of approximately 26 live lab activities and consists of multiple tasks, where each task is scored. This is down from 36 questions in the VCAP4-DCA exam which I think is much better as I struggled through the VCAP4-DCA to try finish all the questions in time, and made some mistakes because of this Sad smile

The total time for this exam is 210 minutes. Candidates who take the VCAP5-DCA exam in a country where English is not a primary language will have an additional 30 minutes added to the exam time. This time extension is automatic, no additional action is required from the candidate.

Ed Grigson’s detailed blog post: VCAP5-DCA What’s New <—you need to read this


VMware provides an online community for VCAP-DCA candidates. This community contains valuable information from other candidates and senior VCAPs, and is moderated by VMware certification staff. The community is located here

The exam will be available from 23th of April. Wish me luck!

Update: I am planning to do the exam on thursday 10th of May

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