VCP5-DT Exam Preparation Study Guide

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To achieve VCP-DT status, you must complete two exams:

  1. Pass the VMware Certified Professional 5 (VCP5) exam
  2. Pass the VMware Certified Professional – Desktop (VCP5-DT) exam

In my journey into achieving the VCP5-DT certificate there have been several resources which I have used. As I’ve always been a big fan of TrainSignal’s training. I decided to use their VMware View training to study for my VCP-DT. Besides the online training I also used the VCP5-DT Blueprint Study Guide from SpeakVirtual.

Brian Knudtson (blog/twitter) teams up with Lane Leverett (VCDX#53) (twitter) to deliver 7 hours and 30 minutes of all there is to know about VMware View. The course takes you through 15 lessons which cover everything that is listed on the VCP5-DT Exam Blueprint…and more. As you can see from the outline below you will be exposed to everything from the core installation of View 5, to Configuring Virtual Desktops, Maintaining Desktop Pools, User Profiles and Troubleshooting and monitoring View.

I will highlight a few of my favorite subjects from the training:
Lesson 1 – Getting Started with VMware View 5 Essentials Training
Lesson 2 – Course Scenario
Lesson 3 – Lab Setup
Lesson 4 – View Components and Licensing
Lesson 5 – Installing View 5
Lesson 6 – Configuring Virtual Desktops – Everything you need to know to get you started with configuring View Desktops is in this lesson. you’ll learn the concepts of building a streamlined base image, what View Desktop Pool types there are and even how linked clones work is explained very well.
Lesson 7 – Maintaining Desktop Pools
Lesson 8 – User Profiles and Data – You will learn everything you need to know about roaming profiles and persona management
Lesson 9 – Printing
Lesson 10 – Creating ThinApp Packages
Lesson 11 – ThinApp Deployment
Lesson 12 – Monitoring View
Lesson 13 – Troubleshooting View
lesson 14 – Upgrading to View 5
Lesson 15 – Next Steps

The key to passing the VCP5-DT is to practice and practice and use a real lab environment. If any training at all can get close to the benefits of having a home lab this is it. You can watch tasks be performed right before your eyes. Even if you are not in full pursue of this desktop certification. All the videos can be very beneficial to you as an View administrator.

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