Cool, a New Free Tool – Veeam Endpoint Backup

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Before today Veeam didn’t provide any endpoint backup. Endpoint mostly deals with physical laptops / desktops or servers. As from today Veeam Launched a new free tool called Veeam Endpoint Backup! Veeam has secretly been working on this internal project named Project Ratmir, named after the Veeam CEO who always lost his laptop 🙂

This is why this is really a big deal.

This was the only feature that was not in Veeam’s portfolio YET, and it should scare a lot of competitors. Lot’s of times Veeam lost big deals mainly because they could not backup endpoint devices. Most of the time new tools are released as cool free tools to let the public and customers test the product thoroughly, to be later added to the product portfolio. I would expect this to be the case also with Endpoint backup. So yes, this new free tool will not be included in Availability Suite v8. It’s a separate free product for everyone to use and will be released separately. Veeam Endpoint Backup can backup the entire computer, the whole volume or selected files. Veeam Endpoint Backup can backup to another endpoint, a SMB share or a v8 Veeam repository. Great to see a repository is supported. It just creates the same backup format file. which can later be read by Veeam B&R! Also for example to do restores. The new tool is supported on Windows 7 and Higher, and Server 2008 and up!

Now, let’s see how the installer looks like:

eblog1 eblog2 eblog3 eblog4 eblog5 eblog6 eblog7 eblog8 eblog9 eblog10 eblog11 eblog12 Great new tool if you ask me, if the download link is available it will be added to this post.