#VeeamON 2014, It’s All About the Partners

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For a first ever event that Veeam has organized for themselves with a great lineup of platinum and other sponsors. I must say that Veeam managed to get things right.  The partner keynote on Monday was packed. Great fun keynote! but almost identical to the one today.


Ratmir Timashev

IMG_6753Veeam’s CEO Ratmir Timashev was visibly nervous during the whole keynote but he seems to like to be on stage and make some jokes :).

Veeam choose to do a late-night-talk-show like interview which was a very good bet. Richard Laible did a great job interviewing Timashev. This really gives Timashev a very personal touch as the CEO of a big company and the company Veeam a more human touch.

During the Partner keynote Timashev starts telling his life story, how Veeam got funded from previous his company that was sold to Symantec. And shared his insights on several channel-related topics during his discussion with Laible.

Timashev: “Customers don’t need backup; they need availability”

Timashev has some good advise for entrepreneurs. You need 3 things to win: The best product, the best sales and marketing and the best partners. I could not agree more.

Right after the interview Veeam’s VP Product Management Doug Hazelman joins the stage. Doug talks about AlwaysON. It’s not about backup. It’s about availability, more about this below.


Doug brings Norwegian Cruise Line on stage during the keynote. Michael talks about the AlwaysON strategy of the Norwegian company, additional to their NetApp Metrocluster they need Veeam to be AlwaysOn and get their RTO right back to minutes to zero.

Veeam Availability Suite v8

There are not really any new announcements as of today. Storage Snapshots that exist on HP and would also be available on NetApp. This is a great new market for Veeam (think Simpana). I heard that the official launch date of Veeam Availability Suite of v8 would be Q4 2014. Word on the street is that they will release the new version somewhere early November.

more here: http://www.veeam.com/blog/v8-feature-announcements-major-replication-enhancements.html

Demo Time

How quickly can you recover what you need, Rick “RICKATRON” Vanover makes sure the keynote had some great speedy demo’s. Rick recovered a complete VM and a single mail in minutes with VM Explorer.