Virsto v2.0 for vSphere – delivers purpose-built software defined storage

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At Storage Field Day 2 we recently had a very interesting presentation at Virsto’s about their upcoming 2.0 version of their storage appliance for vSphere.

Introduction to Virsto Software with CEO Mark Davis:

Virsto for vSphere 2.0 Discussion and Demonstration:

 Virsto will release their v2.0 of their Software-Defined-Storage for the datacenter on December 4th.

What is Virsto for vSphere?

Virsto for vSphere is a software storage hypervisor that can rapidly provision high performance, thin provisioned, easy-to-manage storage for VMware and supports workflows specifically tailored to the vSphere administrator.

Virsto’s solution consists of a vSphere Client plug-in, a central management virtual machine (VM), and storage virtual appliances (SVAs) on each ESXi host. Virsto presents any heterogeneous, block-based storage to the vSphere Client as (a potentially tiered) single NFS datastore with all the ease of use that NFS provides in a VMware environment.

Use Virsto for vSphere optimized workflows and storage features to rapidly deploy high performance, thin provisioned VMs. The storage objects Virsto presents to VMs look like standard ESXi thin provisioned virtual disks for efficient storage capacity consumption but they deliver equivalent performance to ESXi eager-zeroed thick virtual disks.

Virsto safely and reliably handles all provisioning and space reclamation, enabling self-service capabilities for users that may not be that familiar with storage administration. Virsto also provides highly scalable, space efficient snapshots and clones without any of the performance degradation normally associated with these capabilities.

Virsto for vSphere enables the vSphere administrator to manage all the VM requirements from a single pane of glass and provides insight into per-VM storage usage and attributes.

New features and benefits in Virsto vSphere 2.0 include:

  • Data center ready: Virsto for vSphere 2.0 offers a series of enhancements providing improved support for Tier 1 applications with faster, more comprehensive automated recovery options, monitoring of the Virsto infrastructure now integrated into vCenter and the ability to leverage pre-existing vCenter security roles and permissions, while taking advantage of Virsto-enhanced workflows.
  • Full support for Citrix XenDesktop VDI: In the same way that Virsto supports VMware View on vSphere, Virsto now also integrates with XenDesktop to completely preserve the image, image update and image rollback workflows that XenDesktop administrators are already using in Desktop Studio, while delivering higher-performance, space-efficient VDI.
  • Improved integration with existing workflows: With Virsto for vSphere 2.0, customers can experience a seamless handoff between Virsto and Desktop Studio and a deeper menu-level integration with VMware vCenter to maintain existing provisioning workflows – with no additional training needed.
  • Integrated wizard-based provisioning: Optimized for cloud scale deployments, Virsto’s integrated wizard-based provisioning can instantly create up to 10,000 high performance, space-efficient, cluster-aware clones. This delivers up to a 50 percent reduction in cost of storage per VM.

For more information, visit or visit this blog post explaining the Virsto Architecture