VMware Announced 3 Product Updates in their Cloud Management Portfolio

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Today we are at VMworld Europe 2013. At the General Keynote VMware just announced three product updates in their Management Products portfolio.

  • Cloud Operations: VC Ops Mgmt Suite 5.8 & vCenter Log Insight 1.5
  • Cloud Automation: vCloud Automation Center 6.0 (vCAC)
  • Cloud Business: VMware IT Business Management Suite 8.0

vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8 What’s New

Enhanced monitoring of Microsoft applications

  • Out of the box dashboards for Tier 1 applications (MS SQL, Exchange)
  • Support for clusters (MSC)
  • Application health according to clusters (MSCS & DAG), servers & instances

New storage analytics capabilities

  • Out of the box storage dashboards
  • Visibility – physical storage infrastructure and data paths (HBA, Fabric, Arrays)
  • Application health according to clusters (MSCS & DAG), servers & instances

vCenter Operations 5.8 – Hyper-V Support

With VCOPs 5.8 there is support for Hyper-V Server & Windows Hyper-V using vCenter Hyperic and the Hyperic Management Pack. You need to have Hyperic agent deployed in Hyper-V Host to discover Hyper-V hosts & associated VMs. Relationships are automaticly created in vCOps

All Hyper-V Dashboards are available in the Custom UI (you will need a Advanced License or better)

imageOut of the box Hyper-V Dashboard

  1. Cluster, Host, VM Utilization
  2. Top 25 by CPU, Memory, Disk IOPS, Network, etc
  3. Datastore Capacity and Performance
  4. Disk Space Used, Usage by VM, Latency, Commands per Second
  5. Load Heatmaps
  6. CPU, Memory, Disk, Network
  7. Support for SCOM Maintenance
  8. Identify items from SCOM that are in maintenance mode
  9. Hyper-V Events
    There are two Options for getting Hyper-V Information into VCOPs
  • Through vCenter Hyperic and the Hyperic Managmeent Pack for vCenter Operations
  • Through Microsoft SCOM and the SCOM Management Pack for vCenter Operations

vCenter Operations 5.8 – AWS Support

With the imageAWS Management Pack you can minitor your VMs running on Amazon.

Results available in the Custom UI (this also requires Advanced licenses or better)

  • Pulls data from AWS Cloudwatch
    Leverages the REST API exposed by AWS
    Supports multiple AWS services such as
  • Elastic Cloud Compute
  • EC2 instances
  • Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes
  • Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Auto Scaling Group (ASG)
    Configurable by Service
  • Only bring in the services you wish to monitor

VM’s running in AWS

Hyper-V Support


    vCenter Operations 5.8 – Packaging

Packaging Updates effective Q3 2013
image image