VMware Enterprise Systems Connector installation error: Incorrect AVA format

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This week I am working for a customer to set up a VMware Workspace ONE environment. Both components from Workspace ONE, the Identity Manager and AirWatch are delivered by VMware as a SaaS offering.

One of the first things, when the service is created by VMware, is to install the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector. This installer serves as the unified connector to integrate with the on-premises services such as Active Directory for Workspace ONE, AirWatch, and Identity Manager. It exists of two components,  AirWath Cloud Connector (ACC) and the VMware Identity Manager Connector.

How to install the connector can be found here.

Incorrect AVA format

During the installation of the connector, I received the error message: keytool error: java.io.IOException: Incorrect AVA format

This error is generated because of an invalid character during the certificate creation. The installer assumes US locale settings on the Windows system but for this specific customer the Windows Locale settings where set to Dutch, resulting in a different way of using commas and full stops.

How to Solve this?

When receiving this error, please check your Windows Locale settings as shown below. If this is not set to English (United States), please change with the following steps:


  1. Go to Control Panel –> Clock, Language, and Region –> Region
  2. Open the tab Administrative
  3. Select Change System Locale…
  4. Set to English (United States)*
  5. Reboot the system
  6. Go back to Control Panel –> Clock, Language, and Region –> Region
  7. Open the tab Administrative
  8. Select Copy Settings...
  9. Apply the settings to Welcome Screen and System Accounts & New user accounts
  10. Log off and on again
  11. Go to the AirWatch environment and redownload the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and install!

*Please make sure that this doesn’t interfere with other applications on this server!

Happy installing!

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  1. I got the same error when trying to create VCD certificates. I am running CentOS6.9. How do you make those changes in CenOS?
    Thank you.

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