VMware Visio Stencils 2012

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a while ago VMware released a new set of VMware Icons and Diagrams in the traditional PowerPoint format.

Maish from http://technodrone.blogspot.nl created “The Unofficial VMware Visio Stencils” blog post with all VMware Visio shapes you will ever need.

also VMware released some powerpoint diagrams

  1. VMW_PPT_LIBRARY_Icons-Diagrams_2Q12_2_of_3.pptx (2.6 MB)
  2. VMW_PPT_LIBRARY_Icons-Diagrams_2Q12_3_of_3.pptx (2.9 MB)
  3. VMW_PPT_LIBRARY_Icons-Diagrams_2Q12_1_of_3.pptx (17.4 MB)

Also CloudFront released some nifty visio stencils