VMware & StorMagic deliver a 2-node HA Storage Solution with vSphere ROBO edition next to VSAN

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StorMagic (a UK company) has a very interesting and cost effective product called SvSAN which is a iSCSI Virtual SAN specifically designed for Remote Branch Offices which require a local HA storage infrastructure and central management.

Today Stormagic announces a new collaboration with VMware to deliver a 2-node HA Storage Solution for the existing VMware Remote Branch Offices edition.

The VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Edition (datasheet) will combine vSphere with StorMagic’s SvSAN to deliver virtualization and storage in ROBO environments with just two physical servers.

The VMware vSphere ROBO Edition contains a 25 VM pack (All VMware and SvSAN licenses packed together inside a single VMware SKU).

The Differences


It must be said that every 2 node server configuration needs a whitness. running on a separate machine.

Stormagic SvSAN currently supports VMware and Hyper-V. KVM and Xen support is currently being worked on.


Synchronous Mirroring


Benefits of an SvSAN deployment

  • The ability to maintain application uptime and data availability without the need of an array on every location.
  • Lower CapEx, with less hardware (a minimum of 2 rather than 3 servers).
  • Lower OpEx, including less complexity, which eliminates the need for onsite IT staff.
  • Support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.
  • Integration with VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center.
  • Scalability by simply adding storage capacity to the onsite servers to expand the virtual SAN.
  • Simple capacity-based licensing.


Centralized Management



Central management through vCenter or StorMagic web GUI



VMware ROBO Edition with StorMagic SvSAN

25 virtual machines priced at $3,000 for the Standard edition and $4,500 for the Advanced edition.

Where the Advanced Edition has additional features such as 4CPU FT, Host Profiles, Auto Deploy and Distributed Switch.
This offer includes all VMware vSphere licenses except for vCenter which is sold sperately.

SvSAN licensed per TB

  • $2,000 for two nodes with 2 TB
  • $8,000 for two nodes with 16 TB
  • $10,000 for two nodes with unlimited capacity

Compared to VSAN at $2,495 per CPU socket. This makes SvSAN a great low cost solution for the Remote Branch office.
A 3 node VSAN cluster (minimum) with 2 CPUs each, VSAN licensing would add $14,970 to the infrastructure costs.


My Take

For ROBO environments there is often a compelling architectural need to keep certain key applications running remotely yet with centralized management capabilities. With this joint VMware & StorMagic solutions it is possible to build a highly available solution that address all the requirements of the remote branch office and keep the costs down. With the VMware VSA no longer available this looks like a great solution for ROBO.





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  1. Pricing virtual HA Storage Software based on Hardware SAN`s which are really expensive, is a bad joke.
    VMWare does this wrong and StorMagic does the same error.
    Its time that a newcomer starts pricing on a fair base.

    Can anyone recommend me a VSan open source solution that works and its easy to use for SMB?

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