VMware View 4.5 released!

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 It was a long wait for me, I am in the middle of a 140 seat Desktop Virtualisation project at the moment and i could not wait to get the new version!

I attended the View 4.5 release presentation at VMware last week, organised by the dutch vmug.nl (View 4.5 presentation) thanks victor!

Next I started testing and it looks and feels much more Enterprise as the 4.0 version. from my first impression it’s more stable and less buggy.
more intergration with thinapp, win7 support with dual screen! but no flexprofiles 🙁

here’s the sum up of VMware View newest features:

  • View Client with Local Mode – Provides the industry’s first integrated offline and server-hosted solution for desktop virtualization, addressing BYOPC use cases.
  • Full Windows 7 support – Provides full support for Windows 7. With View 4.5 and ThinApp 4.6, organizations can migrate to Windows 7 at half the cost and time.
  • View Client for Mac OS X – Enables Mac users to access hosted Windows virtual desktops, extending the BYOPC use cases to Mac users.
  • Integrated Application Assignment – Simplifies the delivery of ThinApp applications to end-users using the View Administrator console.
  • Rich Graphical Dashboards – Simplifies management and monitoring through improved reporting and diagnostics.
  • Role Based Administration – Distributes IT tasks to the right administrator.
  • Integration with Microsoft SCOM and PowerShell – Enables integration into existing management infrastructure to further simplify the management of View virtual desktops, as described in the new VMware View Integration Guide.
  • Support for vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1 – Delivers integration with the most widely-deployed desktop virtualization platform in the industry. Takes advantage of optimizations for View virtual desktops.
  • Increased scalability – Allows you to deploy 10,000 virtual desktops per pod and use this modular architecture to scale out across your organization. For more information, see the VMware View Architecture Planning Guide.
  • Tiered storage support – Reduces the cost and increases the performance of storage by enabling you to take advantage of multiple storage tiers, including high performance and locally attached storage.
  • Lowest Cost Reference Architectures – VMware has worked with partners such as Dell, HP, Cisco, NetApp, and EMC to provide prescriptive reference architectures to enable you to deploy a scalable and cost-effective desktop virtualization solution.

check the PDF link for full explaination of all the new features!