#VMworld 2012 – My Schedule and recommendations

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I am currently building my VMworld 2012 Session schedule.  I created a mixture of subjects I know little about and technical deep dive sessions of subject matters I need to know more about. Create your own schedule here

  1. INF-VSP1372  —  What’s New with vSphere
  2. INF-VSP1423  —  ESXTOP for Advanced Users
  3. EUC1357  —  Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service with VMware View
  4. INF-NET2207  —  VMware vSphere Distributed Switch—Technical Deep Dive
  5. INF-NET2162  —  VXLAN Deep Dive
  6. EUC1455  —  VMware Horizon Deep Dive and Best Practices
  7. EUC2620  —  View 5.1 and PCoIP: A Performance Deep Dive for Successfully Optimizing and Customizing Your VDI Deployments
  8. EUC2406  —  Project Octopus: Technical Deep-dive and Beta Learnings
  9. INF-STO1545  —  Architecting Storage DRS Datastore Clusters
  10. INF-BCO1505  —  VMware vSphere Replication: Technical Walk-Through with Engineering
  11. INF-VSP1353  —  vCenter: A Technical Deep Dive
  12. APP-BCA1530  —  Virtualizing Highly Available SQL
  13. INF-BCO1159  —  Architecting and Operating a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster
  14. INF-VSP1729  —  Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance Management
  15. INF-VSP1475  —  VMware vSphere 5 Design Discussions
  16. INF-VSP1168 — Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure
  17. INF-STO2980  —  vSphere 5 Storage Best Practices