VMworld 2014: VMware VIO – Production Openstack in OVA

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Today at VMworld San Francisco, VMware announced the Private beta of a new product named VIO

VIO (VMware Integrated OpenStack)

VIO empowers VMware Administrators to successfully deliver & operate Production Grade OpenStack.image

  • VIO = Openstack + vCloud Suite
  • Production Grade OpenStack delivered as a vApp (OVA)
  • Delivers standard open source OpenStack code, with tools to install and Operate OpenStack.
  • UI based OVA install from vCenter Web Client
  • All OpenStack & other required components deployed automatically as 15 VMs.
  • No Additional OpenStack Training/Certification required
  • Expedited time-to-value by rapid OpenStack deployment
    (Just saw a demo: after 20 minutes you will have a Fully Functional Production OpenStack environment. Crazy!)

The Product reminds me of the existent vSphere OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA)

This OVI release is Production ready and full Openstack supported by VMware. Great!


Why would you buy this? VMware will support OpenStack and underlying infra+mgmt products.

Also New: Log Insight OpenStack Content Pack

  • imageCentralized log aggregation with support for querying and troubleshooting.
  • Out-of-box OpenStack dashboards such as error rates, API response times etc
  • Crucial tool since OpenStack generates dozens of logs across all services
  • Reduces Need for OpenStack Expertise




Also New: VCOPs OpenStack Management Pack

Complete Monitoring and Troubleshooting from OpenStack to Infra Layer


  • vCOPs monitors & alerts on health of OpenStack services.
  • Unified diagnostics from OpenStack
  • Tenant specific views into usage and health of OpenStack cloud inventory
  • Familiar tool for VMware Administrators





If you are at VMworld, be sure to check out session SDDC2370: Why Openstack runs best with vCloud Suite. (Tuesday 2:30pm)