vSphere 5.5 What’s New at VMworld 2013, NSX, SDDC, VSAN, vFlash

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I’ve been in the VMware Early Access program for Bloggers and the vSphere beta so I have been familiar with all the new 5.5 features for a while. I have tried to write a very short version of what’s new. More details will come today in separate blog posts.

vSphere 5.5 Platform Features Summary

  • vSphere 5.5 Configuration Maximum Increases 2x from vSphere 5.1
    vSphere 5.1 vSphere 5.5
    160 pCPU 320 pCPU
    2TB Memory 4TB Memory
    8 NUMA Nodes 16 NUMA Nodes
    2048 vCPUs 4096 vCPUs
  • ESXi 5.5 Virtual Machine Compatibility  (vHW 10) LSI SAS for Solaris 11, New CPU Enablement, AHCI Controller Support
  • Expanded vGPU and GP-GPU Support
    – Support for both Intel & AMD GPU
    – vMotion supported across different GPU vendors
  • Hot-Plug SSD PCIe Devices – Hot Add/Remove SSD Devices without any downtime
  • Support for Reliable Memory Provider greater uptime and reliability for ESXi by protecting VMkernel & critical User Worlds
  • Enhancements for CPU C-States reducing power consumption

vSphere Networking

  • NSX – more details to come in a separate blog post
  • Support for 40Gbps pNICs
  • Enhanced IPv6 support
  • Latency-Sensitivity Feature
  • 38 Gbps to multiple VMs / Peak vMotion throughput at 36Gbps
  • Enhancement to LACP feature
    – Number of Link Aggregation Group support on VDS increased to 64
    – Number of hashing algorithms supported increased to 22
  • Enhanced SR-IOV
    – Communicate Port group specific properties to the virtual functions
  • Traffic Filtering – Helps drop or allow selected traffic
  • QoS Tagging – Provides Service level agreements to important traffic types by marking the packets
  • Packet Capture – Host level packet capture tool helps troubleshoot network related issues

vSphere Storage

  • New Feature called VSAN: Simple Distributed Storage (for now max 8 hosts), seperate blog post here
  • vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFlash), seperate blog post here
  • 16Gb E2E (end-to-end) Fibre Channel support
  • Microsoft Cluster Services Enhancements – Microsoft Windows 2012 Clustering supported, FCoE & iSCSI protocols supported.
  • PDL Enhancements on AutoRemove in vSphere 5.5 – PDL AutoRemove automatically removes a device with PDL from the host
  • A new simpler VAAI UNMAP/Reclaim command:
    Creates temp files and uses UNMAP primitive to inform the array that these blocks may be reclaimed. # esxcli storage vmfs unmap
  • VMFS Heap Improvements – a maximum of 256MB of heap allows ESXi hosts to access all address space of a 64TB VMFS

vSphere App HA

vSphere App HA works with vSphere HA to recover from app failures. Separate blog post here.