VSAN Pricing

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This is definitely going to radically change the way we are going to be using shared storage.

VSAN is priced at $2,495 per CPU. with Data Protection Advanced $2,875 per CPU. VSAN for Desktop is priced at $50 per Concurrent or named user.


VSAN pricing compared to external storage

VSAN is priced much lower per desktop compared to traditional storage. Here’s a small overview of what investment must be made to get the shared storage for Virtual Desktops. With VSAN there is only a 3 node requirement to get started where you can add nodes on the fly where with traditional arrays a full blown array must be purchased to start. Also a additional full array must be purchased to scale. A big difference if you look at the picture below:image

Flexibly Configure For Performance And Capacity




SSD, HDD, and Storage Controllers must be listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide for VSAN http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=vsan

– Minimum 3 ESXi 5.5 Hosts  All 3 host MUST!!! contribute storage and run vSphere 5.5 U1 or later
– Each host must have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.
– Al least 1x SSD and 1x SAS / NL-SAS disk(s) locally attached
– Minimal 1GB Ethernet but 10GB Ethernet is preferred
– use Jumbo Frames for best performance
– Ensure Multicast is enabled. Multicast addresses can be changed if required.


VM Storage Policies

When you use VSAN, you can define virtual machine storage requirements, such as performance and availability, in the form of a policy. The policy requirements are then pushed down to the Virtual SAN layer when a virtual machine is being created. The virtual disk is distributed across the Virtual SAN datastore to meet the requirements.

When you enable Virtual SAN on a host cluster, a single Virtual SAN datastore is created. In addition, enabling Virtual SAN configures and registers Virtual SAN storage providers. Virtual SAN storage providers are built-in software components that communicate datastore capabilities to Center Server.


Storage Policy-based Management

SPBM is a storage policy framework built into vSphere that enables virtual machine policy driven provisioning.

VSAN leverages this new framework in conjunction with VASA API’s to expose storage characteristics to vCenter:



To deploy Horizon View 5.3.1 on VMware #VSAN take a look at this Quick Start Guide

When you are a beta VSAN user, please note of the following KB Article:
Retaining virtual machines of #VSAN Beta cluster when upgrading to vSphere 5.5 Update 1

When you are designing a new VSAN Cluster, take a look at the VSAN Design and Sizing Guide

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  1. It seems break even for per CPU licenses v. per Desktop is 300 VDIs or 345 for advanced VSAN.

    Also, does the graph take into account the cost of the disks, which for the three perf/capacity options are $12.7K, 14K, and 20K extrapolating from $/GB, a bit misleading if it doesn’t.

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