vSphere 5.5 My Top 10 New Features

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Last Monday vSphere 5.5 was announced with a lot of improvements and new additions to. It will still take like 2 months before it will be GA.

Here is my Top 10 of new vSphere 5.5 features:

  1. VMware NSXNetwork Virtualization
    VMware NSX is the talk of VMware 2013 but is probably not going to be released until Q4 2013. VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform that will deliver the entire networking and security model in software, decoupled from networking hardware.
    Looks like for network virtualization NSX is going to be the new ESX. Great post about VMware NSX can be found on VMware CTO blog or the WahlNetwork.
  2. Configuration Maximums
    Just about all configuration maximums doubled from vSphere 5.1 to vSphere 5.5. Take a closer look at the Maximum Configuration numbers in the Hypervisor Comparison vSmackdown from my friends Scott & David! and compare them to the new maximums. Competition is a good thing.
  3. vSphere Virtual SAN
    Very simple and easy to configure Distributed Storage (for now max 8 hosts). Virtual SAN turns the local storage of multiple vSphere hosts into highly available, shared storage that supports SSD for read caching and policy-based provisioning of virtual machines based on performance and availability requirements.  VSAN is a completely new product (it will replace the VSA). VSAN does require a separate license and VSAN Public beta will be available in Q3 2013. vClouds.nl blog post here with more details.
  4. vSphere Single Sign On 2.0
    The SSO component has been rewritten due to the known problems in the RSA component. Improved architecture, multi-master, built in replication and site awareness
    There is no RSA database anymore! One deployment model for all scenarios.
  5. vSphere 5.5 Flash Read Cache (vFRC)
    Hypervisor-based software-defined flash storage tier solution (Read and Write Through).
    vClouds.nl Blog Post here with more details
  6. Enhancement to LACP feature
    In vSphere 5.1 only the IP hash was supported,  vSphere 5.5 supports 22 hashing algorithms!
  7. vSphere App HA
    vSphere Application HA works with vSphere HA to recover from app failures and Reduces application downtime. vClouds.nl Blog Post here with more details
  8. vSphere Web Client
    vSphere Web Client has been much improved, supports all the new vSphere features and seems much more responsive!
  9. Microsoft Cluster Services Enhancements
    MCS Microsoft Windows 2012 Clustering supported, FCoE & iSCSI protocols supported.
  10. PDL Enhancements
    PDL Enhancements on AutoRemove in vSphere 5.5 – PDL AutoRemove automatically removes a device with PDL from the host

The vSphere 5.5 release is a great one with lots of improvements and additions. I was hoping that Virtual SAN would be released together with 5.5 and the license would be included into vSphere Enterprise Edition but this is not the case.

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  1. Hi Marco,

    I was eagerly searching for the neat and selective new feature so that i can remember to recollect if some one asks me.
    Found this and would like to say thank you very much great post.

  2. Hi Marco,
    Thank you.

    These are broad and handy new features of 5.5 and I would like to thank you for the same.
    and let us know when update new features of vSphere6.0

    Raj Navalgund
    (Basavaraj Navalgund)

  3. Hi Marco,
    Thank you.

    Hope this is handy/simple new features of 5.5 and let us know when you update new features of vSphere6.0

    Raj Navalgund
    (Basavaraj Navalgund)

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