vSphere did not recognize Intel QUAD port ET 82576

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Today i was at a client that ordered a new DELL R710 server with vSphere ESX 4 wich did not recognize the Intel Quad Port ET (82576) server adapter I have installed. To get the NIC to work, I needed to manually install the drivers for this NIC.

The driver is located HERE.
One downloaded, use a tool like Undisker to extract the files from the ISO.

Use WinSCP to copy the extracted files to a directory on your ESX host.

At this point you must put your server in maintenance mode.

Using Putty, login to your host and change to the directory that contains the files you SCP’d over earlier.


esxupdate --bundle=INT-intel-lad-ddk-igb- update

Once the process finishes, reboot your host and exit maitenance mode. Your NIC should now be active.