Xangati Unveils StormTracker

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Xangati released  a new great product in their portfolio today called StormTracker. This is the first solution available to tackle performance storms devastating productivity in the Cloud.

Powerful, New In-Memory Storm Detection Engine and Contextual User Interface with Multiple Storm Views Allow Managers to Instantly Identify, Track and Resolve Cloud Performance Storms

  • Alert monitoring solutions mostly lead to admins “chasing their tails”
  • In-memory storm detection
  • Automated pattern-matching heuristics
  • Identifies storm cause and objects impacted
  • Major UI enhancements from a solution known for UI innovation
  • StormTracker UI—looking across your whole cloud
  • Storm Recordings showing areas of impact and why a storm is happening
  • Capacity analytics linked with performance storm trending
  • Contention-based storms correlated to capacity saturation


Xangati StormTracker gives organizations the ability to instantly identify storms, proactively track their impact and know how to remediate them by processing second-by-second insights spanning all interactions occurring throughout the cloud infrastructure.

Dark clouds highlight storms:image

Degree of darkness highlights severity:image
Zoom in/out to see all your hosts

Understand trending of storm:

StormTracker includes a new, robust, in-memory storm detection sub-engine integrated into Xangati Performance Management Engine which leverages a next generation computing architecture and an interactive and contextual UI with multiple views into the entire cloud environment.

In addition, Xangati has integrated performance management with capacity management to deliver essential insights to admins to ensure they right-size the expansion of their cloud hardware infrastructure.

All of the new StormTracker functionality will be integrated into Xangati Management Dashboard (XMD) suite as well as its Xangati for vSphere–Free single host tool.

The StormTracker UI functionality includes:

  • Hierarchical views of the cloud, highlighting areas of the infrastructure darkened by storms;
  • The ability to show cascading performance impact across all cloud silos;
  • Storm Recordings revealing the second-by-second cause of the storm and its areas of impact;
    o Remediation recommendations for each specific storm; and
    o Trending analysis on storm frequency and severity.
Pricing and Availability

Xangati StormTracker will be generally available on September 30, 2012 and is included in the purchase price of one of the solutions within the Xangati XMD suite – Xangati VI Dashboard at $150 per socket and Xangati VDI Dashboard at $10 per desktop.
At that time, Xangati will also make the offering available via download as a free two-week trial.

StormTracker will also be available as a free upgrade for existing Xangati customers

Check out StormTracker here on xangati.com
also Chris Wahl create a good blog post about StormTracker