Zerto IT Resilience Platform (vRetreat event Amsterdam)

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Zerto evolved from Hypervisor Based Replication in 2011, to Continues Journal Based Protection.in 2018. Zerto is rebranding to Zerto IT Resilience Platform this year. The Zerto IT Resilience Platform is expected to be included in Zerto 7.0 and will be GA Q1 ‘19. The product can be divided in 2 parts.


Orchestration & Automation:

  • Multi Cloud
  • Workload Mobility
  • Non disruptive

Continues Data Protection

  • Continues data replication
  • Journal Based Recovery
  • Application Consistency Grouping
  • Long-Term Retention with Elastic Journal.

Consistent Potection and Recovery with a virtual protection group that supports simple scalable protection. The Virtual Protection group s preconfigured with recovery settings and supports vMotion, Storage vMotion.

Zerto is stating that Data Protection requirements has Changed the last few years. Data protection in case of a big ransomware attack is enormous. Files changed in a big environment. Continues data protection.

Elastic Journal

A new concept for Zerto data recovery is Elastic Journal where you can move back one month, multiple months or even years.

86% of all use-cases would have a sufficient short-term retention. For compliancy reasons you would like to save certain data for multiple months or even years. Certain data would be a group of VM’s. One VM or even a few files or folders. very cool.

So watch out for Zerto 7 somewhere Q1 2019.

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